Greetings from Philadelphia

Greetings from Philadelphia! It's been a little while since we checked in with you... after four months on the road, we were anxious to get…
theakasareeverywhere Jun 17, 2008
A Look Back Warped Tour!!vid

A Look Back @ Warped Tour!!

The A.K.A.s are playing Warped Tour this summer. Take a look back to the past warped tour dates we played.
theakasareeverywhere Apr 27, 2008
The A.K.A.s with Travis from Gym Class Heroesvid

The A.K.A.s with Travis from Gym Class Heroes

The A.K.A.s playing "Gotta Get Outta here" with special guest Travis from Gym Class Heroes
theakasareeverywhere Apr 27, 2008

Postcards From Hell's Kitchen

Hello from Tacoma, Washington! Tonight is the second night of our US tour with The Phenomenauts and I'm writing this from within the fiery walls…
theakasareeverywhere Apr 18, 2008
The A.K.A.s Bamboozle Left 2008vid

Win A Limited Edition T-Shirt from The A.K.A.s

Hey Everyone! For those of you who don't know our brand new record "Everbody Make Some Noise" came out yesterday in stores everywhere! We are super…
theakasareeverywhere Mar 19, 2008

EveryBody Make Some Noise

Home Sweet Blown Hello bros and bras. Greetings from the comforts of my own couch. It's been six weeks since I sat here furiously tapping at the…
The A.K.A.S Are EveryWhere!pic

Pre-Order Our New Record "Everybody Make Some Noise"

Help spread the word about the new album from The A.K.A.s, copy and paste the code below into your “About Me” section!
theakasareeverywhere Feb 25, 2008
The A.K.A.s Shout Out Loud Videovid

All-American Massacre Tour!

All-American Massacre Tour! Hey Everyone! We're back in black and ready to rock. We're happy to announce we'll be hitting the road starting next weekend on the…
theakasareeverywhere Jan 18, 2008

The A.K.A.s 2007 Wrap Up!

Happy New Year Everyone! Checking in with our end of the year wrap ups from all of us in The A.K.A.s! We hope you had a…
theakasareeverywhere Jan 17, 2008

Dance Dance Resolution

Hello Friends! Did you make a New Year's resolution? I read recently that about 40% of Americans make resolutions and 46% keep them. I resolved to…
theakasareeverywhere Jan 17, 2008
The A.k.a.s (Are Everywhere!) (more info)
  • Label: Metropolis Records
  • Label Type: indie
  • About:
    With The A.K.A.s’ debut full-length White Doves & Smoking Guns, the band boldly emblazoned their name with the loaded moniker: The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!)… and they were true to their word. Armed with an unyielding work ethic and drive to make their mark and message heard, 400 shows and countless creative campaigns later, hard-earned fans and foes alike are proclaiming, “The A.K.A.s really are Everywhere!"

    In a rapidly evolving music world over-saturated with clichés and clones, The A.K.A.s stand in the wake with their clever concoction of danceable, rabble-rousing punk rock n’ roll best described as "dancehall fight music." With an undeniable credibility and relevance forged over years of involvement in the emerging Underground and DIY communities, The A.K.A.s—frontman Mike Ski, guitarist Chris Bazan, keyboard player Josie Outlaw, bassist Justin Perry and drummer Chachi Darin—have converged to realize a delightful recipe for dichotomy.

    Combining raucous guitars, compulsive rhythms, ominous organs and manic vocal diatribes, The A.K.A.s musical delivery is smartly served in a sophisticated package of defiance, self-empowerment, and social change. Covertly tucked in catchy choruses and consonant hooks, the band's message is as coherent and authentic as it is vital. Characterized by relentless support of organizations and issues including young voter awareness, animal and human rights, and the environment, The A.K.A.s walk a walk that speaks for itself. A dedication and sincerity in both music and message that is both inclusive and poignant.

    Deriving inspiration from artists, authors, and activists, The A.K.A.s pack an aural and visual aesthetic that is indicative of a true anomaly. Style and passion go hand in hand with the radical and incendiary gang of black denim clad idealists who design, print, and hand-construct their merchandise and stage garb. Following months of plots and schemes, including the "Everybody Make Some Noise!" Protest Art Show series, the band entered the studio with uncanny producer Alex Newport (At the Drive In, The Mars Volta) in Brooklyn, New York. The band brought their well-oiled and tested brand of quirks together with a constantly evolving point of view and tightly laced musical restlessness that is synonymous with timeless songs and classic albums.

    Drawing from their eclectic punk and rock roots, the band’s music hints to the attitude of pioneers The Clash, the unpredictability of The Dead Kennedy's, and the sexy swagger of garage rock heroes The Who and The MC5. With the danceability of stylish surf rockers The B-52's, The A.K.A.s’ keyboard-drenched riff-rock is a modern—and irony-free—mesh of ’60's rock and ’80's punk.

    Impassioned by their own aptly named art show series, The A.K.A.s are excited to announce “EVERYBODY MAKE SOME NOISE!”… the sophomore album to be released March 19th, 2008 with Metropolis Records (Mindless Self-Indulgence, The Epoxies, Electric Six). Darkly endearing with smirky quips, The A.K.A.s have perfected the art of contrast with a collection of twelve daringly confident tracks designed to create a fearless uproar from city streets to suburban strip-malls with equal indifference. Epitomized by guest appearances from JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights, Chris # 2 of Anti-Flag, and Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedy’s, the fivesome walk a bold line of individuality with no apologies.

    Expect a barrage of international touring, of which the band's reputation precedes them. Raw, energetic, and anthemic, The A.K.A.s live show is unstoppable as displayed sharing stages on sold out club tours with Bush-Bashers Anti-Flag and sideshow sound trackers Mindless Self-Indulgence, to owning the floor of low brow Brooklyn Art Gallery Openings.

    Timely, pertinent, and urgent in a desperate musical and social climate, The A.K.A.s persist as a heartfelt protagonist of youthful fervor and unrest. The alternative to today's alternative music, watered-down and riddled with corporate marketing schemes and product placement, prepare yourself to fight, fuck, dance and destroy with The A.K.A.s.
  • Members:
    Josie Outlaw - Keyboard /Farfisa
    Mike Ski - Lead Vocals
    Chachi Darin - Drums
  • Influences: Misfits William Cooper The Rolling Stones Gee Vaucher Despair Dead Poet Society Refused Poverty The Outsiders Barbara Kruger Propagandhi Happiness The Beatles Lettrists / Situationists Guns N' Roses Jimmy Hendrix The Weather Underground Frustration
  • Sounds Like: Its the spirit of the New York Dolls and New York adoptees The Dead Boys with modern production values and the nihilistic debauchery replaced with a healthy revolutionary streak. This is punk rock. This is rock n roll. This is f**king ace, (Kerrang!)
  • Member Since: 2008-01-17